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CLFRD arrived with smoke and fire through the roof of the banquet hall on Route 41 at Route 31 around 2am, fire was marked under control at 5:15am. 2nd alarm off box 5-341 was requested with CLFRD Tower 381, Algonquin LITH Truck 181, Wauconda Tower 341 and McHenry Tower 1281 all flowing their master streams in a defensive fire. 

more photos from the incident HERE.

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Firefighters in Lake Zurich, IL encountered fire at a local Burger King restaurant at 642 S. Rand Road late Tuesday night, 3/30/21. Fire which began on the outside of the building communicated to the roof behind a tall parapet wall. Two master streams and hand lines operated at the fire.

flames from the roof of a Burger King at night
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