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Firefighters with hose line in defensive attack
John Tulipano photo

Kenosha firefighters responded to a dumpster fire at 30th Avenue & Roosevelt Road on Tuesday night during the third night of civil unrest.
Firefighters extinguished the fire before it could spread to the Pizza Hut and a nearby house.

Asher Heimermann

Kitchener Ontario firefighters responded to a townhouse complex under construction August 24 at 19:50 hours. The large complex had fire showing on the end unit with extension into the next unit on the B side. Six of the seven stations were eventually dispatched to the fire. The three-story building of origin collapsed within six minutes of the fire department’s arrival. Five pumpers, two quints, a heavy rescue, and the Platoon Chief responded to the call.

Three pumpers set up at the rear of the complex on Manor Drive to protect houses from radiant heat and to knock down wooden fencing and decks that were on fire. Firefighters picked up two hydrants and pulled multiple lines to protect the houses. A number of houses had cracked windows, melted siding and melted roofing. Firefighters worked in very hot conditions to prevent the homes from catching fire.

At the front of the building, both quints set up and firefighters tapped into three hydrants. Multiple lines were pulled and the deck gun was used by P 11 once the water pressure was boosted in the area. The fire was brought under control in 45 minutes. Twenty eight units were damaged or lost in the fire. Total loss has been pegged at $2,000,000. Shots start 20 minutes after firefighters arrived. Attached link has good early video from fire.

Gary Dinkel, Box 690

townhouse complex under construction destroyed by fire
Gary Dinkel photo

Some photos from the 2-Alarm house fire in Buffalo Grove, IL – August 26, 2020 – more photos at

heavy smoke from roof of house on fire
Larry Shapiro photo
heavy smoke from roof of house on fire
Larry Shapiro photo

Buffalo Grove (IL) police and firefighters were called to 25 Dellmont Court today (8/26/20) for a house fire. First arriving units had fire from a roof vent of a two-story, single-family house. The alarm was upgraded to a Code 4 working fire and then to a MABAS Box Alarm for additional resources. Companies advanced several lines into the house and had difficulty gaining access to the attic. The fire self vented through the rear with flames and heavy smoke pushing out. An exterior line was used to darken down the fire before companies were again able to make an interior attack. The alarm was later elevated to a 2nd Alarm for additional manpower due to the excessive heat. Two firefighters were transported from the scene with heat related injuries.

house fire in Buffalo Grove
J Kleeman photo
house fire in Buffalo Grove
J Kleeman photo
E-ONE Typhoon fire engine with lines off
J Kleeman photo

More on the civil disturbances in Kenosha

The Kenosha Fire Department responded to multiple structure fires as a result of riots on Monday, August 24, 2020. Fire departments from Illinois and Wisconsin responded to the city. Video by Asher Heimermann/Incident Response.

08/24/20 – Night two of protests in Kenosha,WI led to several business looted and set ablaze. The largest were several storefronts along 22nd ave. Kenosha activated a MABAS response to the 5th alarm bringing in several Illinois departments. Most sat in the staging area much of the night, but crews from Zion, Newport, Gurnee, and several others were put to work.  Jeff Rudolph

rioters set buildings on fire in Kenosha
Box Alarm Photography