4 comments on “Photo Submissions

  1. Thanks for using my photos last week. Please note Woolwich Township is part of Waterloo County, Ontario Canada. You had us as part of a township in NJ.

    I am going to check through some of my old shots to see if I have a few more interesting photos I can send.

    Love the shots you are posting, its a great site.



    • my apologies – I did a search for Woolwich Township and found one in NJ. Thanks for the photos and for correcting me.

  2. Thank you for using my photos of incidents from the south central area of Pennsylvania, we love getting our firefighters the coverage. Your site is awesome and a great resource for firefighters and photographers alike.


  3. I am a television news reporter working on a story about the high rate of cancer among firefighters.
    I have all the elements, and would like a pic of a firefighter with soot on his or her face. Many cases of cancer are blamed on toxic soot entering the system through one’s skin, as well as inhaling toxic smoke.

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