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BRIDGEPORT, CT – At approximately 1:30pm on January 13, 2021, the Bridgeport Fire Department received multiple calls for a reported structure fire at 26 Vine Street. Engine 3 was first due and reported heavy fire showing from the 1st floor B-side of a 2 1/2-story, wood frame, extending up into the 2nd and 3rd floors. The fire quickly escalated and a 2nd alarm was called approximately 15 mins later. Once the fire started taking control of the entire 3rd floor, the evacuation tones were sounded at approximately 2:10pm. In all, the Red Cross had to assist nine people that were displaced by the fire.
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2-Alarm fire in Bridgeport CT

1/24/21 – Around 6am this morning, Stickney (IL) Engine 1203 arrived to find a 1.5-sty, single-family house with smoke showing. 1203 lead out a 1.75” pre-connect and had a fire on the first floor. The crew made a quick knock of the fire, with no extension to the rest of the house.

pre=dawn house fire
Chi-Town Fire Photos

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At 3:15 Saturday morning (1/23), companies in Chicago’s 14th Battalion were dispatched to 2213 West Cermak for the reported fire. Engine Company 23 landed a minute later and confirmed a working fire in the rear porches of a 30×70, three-story, ordinary, occupied apartment building. Companies worked for almost 20 minutes to contain the blaze but fire extension into the basement, first, and second floors forced a defensive attack at around 3:35. There was also fire extension into the adjoining “D” side exposure building that was quickly brought under control. Engine 109 worked their deck gun in sector “C” while Squad 1’s Snorkel was set up. Eventually, the fire was put out with several hand lines and master streams from the Snorkel and Tower Ladder 5. Companies worked for over four hours as the thermometer hovered around 10 degrees throughout the duration of the incident.

Firefighters battle fire in Chicago
Eric Haak photo

SHELTON, CT – At approximately 12:44pm on January 14, 2021, the Shelton Fire Department was dispatched to Waterford Lane for a reported kitchen fire. First units on scene found heavy fire showing from two windows on the D-side of a wood frame private dwelling. All occupants and pets were reported out of the structure safely before FD arrival and an interior attack was commenced. Conditions deteriorated quickly as the fire spread rapidly throughout the home and all members were ordered out of the structure for a defensive attack. A mayday was called during overhaul operations when two firefighters broke through the fire ravished second floor. Neither were injured and the mayday was quickly cleared.

house engulfed by fire
Keith Muratori photo

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Firefighters from multiple towns assisted at a fatal, 2-Alarm fire at 3045 Paris Avenue in River Grove, IL 1-8-21.

flames from the top floor of an apartment building
Steve Redick photo

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