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NAUGATUCK, CT – At approximately 6:10pm on September 25, 2023, the Naugatuck Fire Department was dispatched to the old Lewis Engineering building at 238 Water Street for a building fire. First companies on scene found a vacant, two-story mill building already well-involved. A defensive attack was called and no members were sent inside. Mutual aid was called from several towns including Waterbury, Beacon Falls, Middlebury, and Prospect.; #NaugatuckFD;; #KeithMuratori; #warehousefire;
Keith Muratori photo; #NaugatuckFD;; #KeithMuratori; #warehousefire;
Keith Muratori photo; #NaugatuckFD;; #KeithMuratori; #warehousefire; #firechief; #firefighters; #FireTruck; #E-ONE; #Cyclone; #EONE; #EONEStrength;
Keith Muratori photo; #NaugatuckFD;; #KeithMuratori; #warehousefire; #firechief; #firefighters;
Keith Muratori photo

Summerfield Gardens 2nd Alarm Condo Fire (Shelton, CT) 5/18/23 SHELTON, CT – At approximately 2:15pm on May 18, 2023, the Shelton Fire Department was dispatched to 31 Summerfield Gardens for a reported generator on fire. First-in companies reported a working fire going up the side of a two-story condo complex. The fire quickly extended into the structure via the eves and became difficult to find as it eluded firefighters throughout the interior walls, peaks, and attic. A 2nd alarm was called bringing in mutual aid companies from Derby and Seymour to the scene. Units from Stratford, Nichols, and Monroe provided station coverage. No residents were injured in the fire, but the inhabitants of 2 units were displaced due to damage.

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Lantern Park Dr. Condo Fire (Naugatuck, CT) 3/8/23

NAUGUATUCK, CT – At approximately 9:15am on March 8, 2023, the Naugatuck Fire Department was dispatched to 145 Lantern Park Drive for a structure fire. First units on scene found heavy smoke showing from a wing of the Lantern Park Condominiums. The fire which had quite a head start on the members quickly spread throughout the attic of the structure fueled by heavy winds. In all, four units were reported to be involved and all occupants (approximately 20) made it to safety with one dog being successfully rescued. Units from the Waterbury FD and the Beacon Falls FD responded to the scene as mutual aid.; #KeithMuratori;; #NaugautuckFD;; #KeithMuratori;; #NaugautuckFD; #FireTruck; #Pierce; #Ascendant;; #KeithMuratori;; #NaugautuckFD;

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Jensen Farm Rd. 2nd Alarm (Oxford, CT) 2/3/23 – firegroundimages

OXFORD, CT – At approximately 7:44pm on February 3, 2023, the Oxford Fire Department was dispatched to Jensen Farm Road for the reported house fire. First companies arriving on scene found a raging wind-driven fire in a large two-story private dwelling. Members dealt with temps in the single digits (6 degrees F and much lower with wind chill), causing frozen hydrants and massive water supply issues, as well as a heavy wind that just compounded the night’s difficulties. The fire escalated to a 2nd alarm which brought multiple mutual aid departments to the scene as well as for station coverage during the incident. The family of four that resides at this structure was not at home at the time of the fire.; #OxfordFD; #PxfordCT;; #KeithMuratori;; #OxfordFD; #PxfordCT;; #KeithMuratori;

SEYMOUR, CT – At approximately 8:10 pm on January 19, 2023, the Seymour Fire Department was dispatched to Knorr Avenue for a reported house fire. First companies arriving on scene found a two-story home with heavy smoke showing. All family members along with their dog made it safely out of the home by the time of FD’s arrival. Heavy fire was discovered in the rear of the house extending up all floors into the attic. The fire went to a 2nd alarm. Firefighters also located and safely removed the family’s turtles during operations, and their cat was found to have made it out to safety on its own.;; #KeithMuratori; #SeymourFD; #housefire; #flames;;; #KeithMuratori; #SeymourFD; #housefire; #flames;

HAMDEN, CT – At approximately 7pm on February 14, 2022, the Hamden Fire Department was dispatched to 42 Warner Street for a structure fire with multiple calls. A 2nd alarm was called while companies were on route. First arriving units on the scene found heavy fire through the roof and out several windows of the Warner Village Apartments. In all, a 3 alarms were struck as fire took hold of the whole 22 unit apartment complex in the frigid 18 degree weather. Fifty people were displaced with no injuries reported at this time. Mutual aid came from New Haven, North Haven, Cheshire, and Wallingford.

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Keith Muratori photo

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Waterford Ln. Fire (Shelton, CT) 1/14/21 SHELTON, CT – At approximately 12:44pm on January 14, 2021, the Shelton Fire Department was dispatched to Waterford Lane for a reported kitchen fire.  First units on scene found heavy fire showing from two windows on the D-side of a wood frame private dwelling.  All occupants and pets were reported out of the structure safely before FD arrival and an interior attack was commenced.  Conditions deteriorated quickly as the fire spread rapidly throughout the home and all members were ordered out of the structure for a defensive attack.  A mayday was called during overhaul operations when two firefighters broke through the fire ravished second floor.  Neither were injured and the mayday was quickly cleared.

Keith Muratori

fire guts a house in Shelton CT