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  1. Would like to speak with Eric Haak regarding one of his series of photos. Please contact me via email or call my cell @ 302-420-8348. Thank you for the work you all do!

  2. Would like permission from Eric Haak regarding photo of Engine Co 123 I would like to use on a flyer announcing 100th Anniversary celebration April 22, 2017 Thank you

    Jerry Nichols
    Engine Co 123 1/B

  3. Rick,

    I am requesting to use your still photo work in an upcoming Los Angeles Regional Training Group lesson plan on Transitional Fire Attack (Fatal House Fire -10/16/13). At your convenience please contact me so we can discuss the possibilities.

    Captain James M Golondizinier
    Los Angeles County Fire Department
    Fire Dynamics and Live Fire Training Lead
    FS165A, BN13, DIV6

    • Captain Golondizinier,

      Please contact Rick McClure formerly of the LA City FD for his permission. He was the photographer at that fire.

  4. Hello,

    I’m trying to locate Dan Shevlin or another who may have information about the CFD before 1903? I have a relative who was a Lt., but he died in 1903 and I have been unsuccessful in finding possible information about his employment.

    Thank you
    Sandy K.

  5. Would like to contact Gary Dinkel. He photographed a fire featuring my Dad, quite a few years ago. Dad said it was a barn fire on Spitzig Road. The picture has fallen off the wall and is damaged and I would like to get another print if that is possible. It was a 16 x 20 print of My Dad,and 2 other firemen ( one is my brother too) pulling a firehose. Dad is grimacing.and straining. Someone put a label on the back of the picture. It reads ” Unsung Hero…….. by Gary Dinkel. I know you must have millions of pictures but if there is a way to get another print I would be very happy.

  6. Dear Larry,

    This is Dana and Agnes from the Prospect Heights Natural Resources Commission (PHNRC). We would like to talk to you about archived photos of flooding in Prospect Heights which we came across on the web. Great photos BTW! We can explain when you call us.

    Thank you!!!

    Dana and Agnes
    (847) 910-5257


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