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05/30/21 – Greater Round Lake FPD pulled MABAS Box 26-1 to the box level on arrival at 37nW. Big Horn dr. in Hainesville, IL. Crews found heavy fire in 1 unit of a 6 unit townhouse complex spreading to another unit. Master streams knocked down the bulk of the fire, and crews were able to make a stop on any further spread.

Jeff Rudolph

flames through the roof of a townhouse
Jeff Rudolph photo

Still and Box with Plan one 5812 North Oriole in Chicago, IL. One-story house with a heavy fire load from contents (hoarder house). Two adults transported serious to critical from smoke inhalation. Couple in their 60’s by estimate.

paramedics receive fire victim pulled from a house
Tim Olk photo

West Stafford, CT had this 2nd alarm plus on 5/26/21 at 22:56. The Conklin Rd house sat way off the road on the edge of a cliff. Heavy fire on arrival after a severe storm had passed through the area. Numerous mutual aid assisted at the scene.
Patrick Dooley

Firefighters battle house fire at night
Patrick Dooley photo