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Two-part video from the Working fire in Palatine, IL – March 19, 2023

Palatine (IL) firefighters responded for a report of smoke on the third floor of an apartment building at 12 E Dundee Quarter late Sunday afternoon (3-19-23).  Palatine police officers reported smoke and then flames from the roof and the response was upgraded to a Code 4 working fire.

Palatine crews made an interior attack with two lines on the third floor and performed searches of the building. Unable to get ahead of the volume of fire overhead and in the mansard roof in addition to deteriorating conditions, firefighters were evacuated from the building to transition to a defense attack. As personnel was exiting the building, a Mayday was called by a firefighter on a balcony that was unable to exit via the interior. He successfully descended a ground ladder.

The fire circumvented the fire wall and eventually made it’s way into the adjacent building which sustained heavy damage to the roof and third floor. There were multiple collapses of the original building.

Palatine Tower 85, Buffalo Grove Tower 25, and Arlington Heights Tower 1 all deployed master streams.; #larryshapiro;; #PalatineFD; #apartmentfire; #DundeeQuarter; #massivesmoke; #flames; #fireball;
A fireball erupts from a third floor unit. Larry Shapiro photo; #larryshapiro;; #PalatineFD; #apartmentfire; #DundeeQuarter; #massivesmoke;
Massive smoke before the mansard collapses. Larry Shapiro photo; #larryshapiro;; #PalatineFD; #apartmentfire; #DundeeQuarter; #massivesmoke;
Smoke billows from the attic space. Larry Shapiro photo; #larryshapiro;; #PalatineFD; #apartmentfire; #DundeeQuarter; #firefighters;
A firefighter that had briefly been trapped on an upper balcony. Larry Shapiro photo; #larryshapiro;; #PalatineFD; #apartmentfire; #DundeeQuarter; #massivesmoke; #flames;
Flames engulf a third floor unit. Larry Shapiro photo

Palatine (IL) firefighters were called for an apartment fire in the Woodhaven apartments at 15 B Dundee Quarter Drive 12/23/20. Engine 82 found heavy fire on the third floor upon arrival. They used a blitz attack right away with their deck gun as lines were pulled to make an interior attack. The attic was well involved with flames venting through the roof. As other Palatine units arrived and took additional lines inside, the majority of the fire was extinguished in short order. The building’s design included a mansard roof which created concerns for hidden fire and the potential for communication around the fire wall to the next building. Vent holes were cut into the mansard on the B side and flames were again visible through the roof as Arlington Heights Tower 1 was preparing to deploy a master stream. Interior companies handled the remaining fire and the master stream was not used. At one point a master stream from Palatine Quint 83 was used to wash down the exterior in sector A.

building fire with mansard roof
Larry Shapiro photo

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