2 comments on “General Alarm fire in Yonkers, NY – March 12, 2019 (more)

  1. I lived in the Garrett Place building for decades and lost everything of importance to me. In the second photo, you can clearly see the blue tarps and black netting that the owner put up years before to prevent building materials from falling to the sidewalk and lawns in lieu of just pointing and brickwork repair that needed to be done. The tarps were held in by 2×4’s with nails which we realized because in other front locations they fell off onto the lawn with 8 inch nails sticking out. That happenstance didn’t deter them from just putting it back or leaving it off. Negligence all around including unlicensed contractors doing interior hot work without permits inside of interior apartment walls.

    Beware of landlords that have no pride or care for their buildings and move before it’s too late.

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