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Fire dispatch toned out Wellesley and Linwood for a possible barn fire on Manser Road near Streicher Line July 4, at 12:30. A passing Mennonite farmer called 911 and was able to get the cattle out of the barn before firefighters arrived. The Wellesley deputy chief saw light white smoke on approach and once on scene reported a well-involved barn fire. He requested St Clements, Box 690, and two tankers from Baden on the third alarm.

Linwood’s pumper setup 40 meters from the barn. Initially they drafted water from a port-a-tank while crews were setting up at the road to relay pump up to them. Water was shuttled from a fire cistern in Crosshill approximately 4.5 km from the scene. Once the tank was drained, tankers had to go to Wellesley pond  (7 km) for water. Normally firefighters would use hydrants in town, but water levels in the reservoir were low due to the hot, dry conditions over the previous week. Regional water engineers asked them to use hydrants in St Clements.

The barn collapsed less than 15 minutes into the call. Firefighters pulled numerous small and large lines around the structure. Once the fire was contained, crews let it burn until a back hoe arrived around to pull the barn apart. Fire was declared out at 18:00. Box 690 served 185 cold drinks to firefighters. Southern Ontario has had very hot and dry weather from the end of June to July 10, with daily heat advisories from July 5-10. Photos and video start 35 minutes after firefighters arrived.

Gary Dinkel, Box 690

aftermath of barn fire in Ontario
Gary Dinkel photo
Barn fire in Wellesley Township ON 7-4-20
Gary Dinkel photo