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Kitchener (ON) fire dispatch toned out Floradale, Elmira, St Jacobs, and Conestogo fire departments for a large shed fire at 7733 Reid Woods Drive, May 17 2017 at 12:40. Floradale arrived to a fully involved, 125’ x 40’ steel shed which contained a saw mill at one end, straw in the middle, and skids of corrugated boxes used to pack straw for sale at the other end. The southern end of the shed had large piles of wood ready to be cut that were also on fire. Temperature was in the mid 80’s with 20-35 mph north – east winds blowing embers at a wooden work shop 20 feet from the shed, a house, and a large barn less than 50 feet away.

The shed was already lost on arrival, so firefighters worked to save the other structures. The barn caught fire inside and out. Crews did a great job of knocking the fires in the barn quickly and saving all the other buildings. St Clements was added to the call for manpower as well as tankers from Waterloo and Linwood to augment water supply. Seven tankers shuttled 75 loads of water (164,500 imperial gallons, 197,400 US gallons) from two fill stations in Elmira a couple of miles from the scene.

Box 690 with the assistance of the Floradale Ladies Auxiliary provided rehab.  Thirty five firefighters consumed over 300 cold drinks, as well as 70 freezies, numerous sandwiches, and snacks.

Units on scene or at fill stations in Elmira:

  • Woolwich Township

  • Floradale pumper, tanker, rescue

  • Elmira pumper, tanker, rescue (quint aerial on standby for other calls with four firefighters)

  • St Jacobs pumper, tanker, rescue

  • Conestogo pumper, tanker, rescue

  • Wellesley Township

  • St Clements pumper, rescue

  • Linwood tanker

  • City of Waterloo, tanker

  • Box 690

Gary Dinkel, Box 690

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Kitchener (Ontario) dispatch toned out a full response for St Jacobs and Conestogo, and Elmira’s tanker for a possible barn fire at 1045 Benjamin Road June 17 at 18:36. The call was updated minutes later to a confirmed fire with a small explosion. Floradale’s tanker was added to the call at this time.

A St Jacobs captain arrived on scene and reported the large barn was fully-involved.  The barn was approximately 120 x 60’ with a 50 x 50’ addition on the E2 – E3 corner of the barn. St Jacobs pumper set up beside the house and pulled three 2.5” lines and two 1.5” lines to protect exposures and attack the fire. Three port-a-tanks were set up beside the pumper.

A small shed 15 feet from the barn on the E1- E4 corner contained three skids with 500 gallon ethanol tanks. The first 2.5” line was pulled to cool the tanks. All firefighting was defensive. Waterloo’s tanker was requested to the call to supplement water. This was the first tanker fire call for the truck which went in service in January. Water was shuttled from a hydrant in Waterloo, approximately 2.5 miles from the scene.

A back hoe was used to pull the barn apart to get to hot spots. The fire was under control at 22:00. Fifty firefighters were on scene battling the fire on this very humid hot night. The Region missed the severe weather that hit Southern Ontario Tuesday, including a tornado which hit Angus. The cause of the $250,000 fire was incorrect mixing of fuels to make bio fuel. He was mixing old vegetable oil with methanol and potassium hydroxide.

Box 690 Canteen was on scene five hours providing rehab. Crews consumed 186 drinks, 285 snacks (including very popular freezies) and 12 XL pizza’s.

Gary Dinkel

Box 690

barn destroyed by fire

Gary Dinkel photo, Box 690

barn destroyed by fire

Gary Dinkel photo, Box 690

firefighters with hose at barn fire

Gary Dinkel photo, Box 690

chemicals removed from shed at fire scene

Ethanol tanks being removed from storage shed. Gary Dinkel photo, Box 690

pumper tanker at fire scene

Floradale’s tanker discharging 2,500 Imperial gallons (3,000 US gallons). Gary Dinkel photo, Box 690

firefighters in Canada rehab at fire scene on hot day

Gary Dinkel photo, Box 690

Pierce pumper tanker at fire scene

Waterloo’s Pierce 2,500 Imperial gallon tanker. First tanker call for truck. Gary Dinkel photo, Box 690

Spartan pumper tanker at fire scene

Elmira’s 2,000 Imperial gallon tanker. Gary Dinkel photo, Box 690

rural water supply at fire scene

Gary Dinkel photo, Box 690