One comment on “Historic Chicago fire scene

  1. My father was also stationed at 10E Hubbard St and drove Engine 11. It was either in the late 50s or early 60s that Engine 11 and believe maybe Engine 27 or its truck unit crashed into each other in downtown Chicago. My dad was on leave and believe so was the other driver until there was a hearing where I believe both drivers were exonerated due to the sirens cancelling each other out. In other words they never heard each other’s sirens. I remember the story being on the front page of the Chicago Sun Times with my dad on a guerney in the hospital. After that happened the CFD worked on that problem. Anyway my Dad was John Danek. After years at Engine 11 he put in a transfer to Engine 26, very close to home and he walked to work. Believe he started out at Engine 27.

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